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Recent stories of breaking Airbnb’s “no spying” rules include that of the Airbnb host in Florida who said Hey, no, no, I installed that webcam in the bedroom and pointed it at the bed to record sex parties with the consent of those involved.He turned the cameras off when his apartment was being rented out, he claimed. Well, surprise, surprise: when police seized two smoke detectors with hidden cameras, computers, SD cards and anything else that could store data, they found footage of Airbnb guests. The host, Wayne Natt, is now facing felony charges of video voyeurism.Even if hosts use a hidden surveillance camera merely to make sure their home and possessions aren’t trashed, with no intention of nefariously capturing nude images or intercepting private information about their guests, the setup of a hidden surveillance camera, the presence of which was allegedly undisclosed, was still an egregious breach of privacy.Even if the hosts hadn’t planned to sell or post naked images, that doesn’t mean that an intruder couldn’t hack a webcam and do it in their stead.LUGANO - Le “dashcam” private – le piccole telecamere da cruscotto che registrano ciò che avviene davanti al veicolo – sono sempre più popolari nel Regno Unito, dove la polizia inizia a pensare di usarle come migliaia di occhi vigili “extra” sparsi per il Paese.Il vice commissario capo del Suffolk, Paul Marshall, ha infatti invitato i conducenti a condividere con gli agenti le infrazioni immortalate dagli onnipresenti apparecchi: “Spesso la sola prova disponibile è la dichiarazione di un testimone oculare, che può essere però contestata dal trasgressore”, ha spiegato. Better go stay in a REAL hotel, Twitterers exclaimed, in response to the news that a guest had found a carefully disguised video camera, connected to the internet, installed by his hosts in the bedroom, to stream out to any and all in gleeful HD glory.And no, staying at a “real” hotel – i.e, one that charges 10x as much as an Airbnb – will not protect us from being filmed as we bop around in our birthday suits, talk about our financial situation, or roll around in high-quality sheets.

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So visually inspect vents for holes or gaps – you could even look for a lens reflection by turning off the lights and scanning the room with a flashlight.La posizione esatta in cui applicare il dispositivo sul parabrezza dipende molto dal tipo di veicolo, “io consiglierei di metterla dietro lo specchietto retrovisore”, suggerisce il legale, che ricorda come nemmeno il cavo dell’apparecchio debba intralciarci la vista.

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